A-Z Alternatives for Single-Use Plastic

Less plastic = less litter. In honour of Plastic Free July (which begins tomorrow), we’re sharing the list of alternatives to everyday single-use plastic items you might think are indispensable.

It’s an invitation to get inventive and pare down your consumption to a sustainable level while re-evaluating what you really need. If you think you’re up for the challenge, you can register on the Plastic Free July website to promise to go plastic-free for a day, a week, or the whole month of July.

Plastic Option      

Bin liner (plastic bag)


Doggy doo bags

Coffee cup (lid)

Gladwrap / cling film

Hair brush



Plastic bag

Plastic drink bottle

Plastic straw

Sanitary pads


Toilet paper




Line your bin with several layers of newspaper. Learn how.

Make your own (see our recipe)

Folded up newspaper

Request no lid / take a reusable cup

Reusable container / aluminium foil / fabric wraps

Keep an eye out for wooden/bamboo hairbrushes

Look for milk in refillable bottles eg SunnydaleElgaar

Make your own, buy in bulk or look for Barilla branded pasta

Arms / reusable bag

Reusable drink bottle

Lips / metal or glass straw

Make your own or buy washable pads online

Lush sell hard bar shampoo

Look for toilet paper wrapped in paper

Look for wooden a toothbrush from Environment Toothbrush

Make your own (see our recipe)

The original post can be found on the Plastic Free July Website.

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