Hey Tosser! Litter Action Award Sponsored by NSW EPA
The Hey Tosser! Litter Action Award is for a project or program that reduces or prevents litter.

Projects should demonstrate inventive techniques that specifically address their local litter issues, with quantifiable outcomes. Projects that use more than one approach will be highly regarded. Projects can address any form of litter in any environment.

Waste Less, Recycle More Waste Award – Sponsored by NSW EPA
The Waste Less, Recycle More Award is for a project or program that tackles a range of waste and recycling problems. Projects should demonstrate inventive techniques that specifically address local waste problems, with quantifiably effective outcomes.

Return and Earn Litter Prevention Award
The Return and Earn Litter Prevention Award is for a program or project that provides for and encourages the use of the Return and Earn scheme in a local area.

Habitat and Wildlife Conservation Award
The Habitat and Wildlife Conservation Award is for projects which create, restore and sustain biodiversity of our native flora and fauna in urban environments, creating wildlife corridors and encouraging habitat conservation.

Heritage and Culture Award
The Heritage and Culture Award is for community projects that enhance and protect our unique, and built heritage, including celebration of a regions heritage.

Young Legends Environmental Award (under 25)
The Young Legends Environmental Award is for an individual or groups of individuals (25 years and under who demonstrate outstanding commitment to their environment and show leadership in pursuing environmental outcomes in any of the preceding categories e.g. Litter, wildlife conservation waste minimisation etc.

Schools Environmental Achievement Award
The Schools Environmental Achievement Award is for New South Wales schools that can demonstrate outstanding sustainability achievement, sustainable practices, reducing their environmental impact and leading the community by example.

Environmental Communication Award
The Environmental Communication Award is for programs and projects that inspire environmental action through raising the awareness in environmental sustainability; developing and building partnerships that enable sharing of resources, ideas and knowledge; creation of spaces and places for environmental education that demonstrate ideas and practical solutions for the community.

Recycled Organics Award
The Recycled Organics Award is for projects and programs that minimise the loss of organics to landfill and supports the community to avoid, reduce and recycle organics

Coastal and Waterways Protection Award (incorporating Clean Beaches)
The Coastal and Waterways Protection Award – this award is for programs and actions that create, restore and enhance our natural waterways and beaches.

Circular Economy Award
This award is for operationally viable projects in the circular economy which do, or could potentially, divert solid materials, fluids or energy from waste streams and return them to the productive economy.

Sustainable Projects Award
This award is for projects in Sustainable Development and recognises innovations in, and the application of, technology to achieve improved environmental performance, within their spheres of influence.

Renewable Energy
The Renewable Energy Award is for progress and achievements in developing products or services associated with renewable energy.

Response to Climate Change Award
The Response to Climate Change Award recognises actions taken by communities to tackle climate change.

Community Spirit and Inclusion Award
The Community Spirit and Inclusion Award is awarded to communities that successfully address challenges. They must demonstrate proper planning, community partnerships and real outcomes to meet the challenge. This award is given to communities that refuse to ‘give in’ when facing a challenge.

Overall Awards: NSW Tidiest Town and most Sustainable Community
The Overall Awards are awarded to regional councils, towns or villages that have successfully undertaken projects or actions in a number of areas of environmental sustainability and social inclusion in their size category. The areas that should be covered, include but are not limited to the aforementioned award categories.

Towns that can show measurable and real outcomes in a number of these areas, are eligible to apply for the Overall Winner category.

Nominations for the Overall Award may be submitted by:

  • Regional Councils
  • Regional towns and villages.

National Awards
Please note that the winning town will be eligible to be nominated to the National Tidy Towns Award to become the National Tidy Towns Winner, however entry to this is not mandatory. If you would like to be considered to go forward for the National competition the entry criteria includes the following categories.

  • Community Action and Wellbeing
  • Waste Management, Resource Recovery and Litter Management
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Heritage and Culture
  • Environmental Education
  • Young Legends

As with the NSW overall winner other achievements will be taken in consideration by the judges.