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    NSW Container Deposit Scheme delays launch until December 2017


    The NSW Container Deposit Scheme draft legislation was announced in September 2016. The Baird government developed the scheme, also referred to as “cash for containers,” in association with the NSW EPA and slated it for launch on  1 July 2017. On Friday 17 February, news emerged that the scheme will now be delayed until 1 December 2017, […]

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    This weekend: pick up litter and use it to buy stuff (seriously!) in Bondi


    At Keep NSW Beautiful, we believe strongly in helping communities to tackle the littering issue in their own areas in their own way, and with our Community Litter Grants Program (run in association with the NSW EPA and funded by the Waste Levy), we get to see the most inspiring, imaginative, and effective anti-littering projects […]

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  • diygiftwrap1

    Gift Guide: 10 presents for Earth-Lovers


    Got a green thumb in the family? Maybe it’s a friend, or maybe it’s even you! We’ve got you covered: here are 10 great ideas for earth-lovers that are sustainable, thoughtful, and inspiring. Why not brighten someone’s holiday by taking care of them, and the planet, at the same time? 1. Teach children about the […]

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  • How to waste less food at big holiday dinners


    Food waste is a serious problem in this country, with Australians discarding around 20% of the food they purchase (around $8 billion worth of food per year). Around the holidays, these numbers can rise dramatically, and that’s not good for anyone. We’ve come up with a few ways to help you get the most you […]

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    Solving the wrapping paper problem


    Wrapping paper. It’s everywhere this time of year, and it can be a menace. Some rolls can’t be recycled and this costly paper just ends up going right to landfill. That’s not really in the holiday spirit! Below we’ve pulled together a list of alternatives that won’t place any strain on our planet and its […]

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  • holiday1

    Holiday season hacks


    It’s a busy time at the end of the year! But that doesn’t mean we can’t think sustainably and smartly amidst all the holiday madness. Here at Keep NSW Beautiful, we’ve come up with a list of holiday season hacks – tips and tricks to get you through to the New Year with a green […]

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    Winners are grinners: photos from the 2016 Blue Star Sustainability Awards Dinner


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    Looking for a sustainable alternative to leather? We’ve got you covered


    Whether you avoid animal products or are concerned about the environmental, sustainable risks of tannery, or if you’re just ethically conscious and would prefer to upcycle or repurpose items – this list is for you! There are sustainable and safe alternatives to leather out there and they’re well worth looking into! Compostible leather Suzanne Lee […]

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  • drone

    Drones might soon clean up after us – but we can’t stop recycling


    We’ve all seen the small autonomous Roombas that vacuum the floors of our house (and cats riding them). Now imagine one to filter the plastic waste out of our oceans. That’s what the Drone 1-001-1 is designed for. Created by France-based industrial design student Elie Ahovi, this machine uses sonar to navigate the vast expanse […]

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    NSW Government Waste Less, Recycle More Initiative extended and expanded


    More opportunities for communities to improve their local public spaces will be available under the extended initiative, into which a further $337 million will be dedicated over four years from 2017 – 2021. Waste Less, Recycle More, led by the NSW EPA, provides funding for business recycling, organics collections, market development, managing problem wastes, new waste […]

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  • beach2

    Have you heard the one about the plastic-eating bug?


    There are over five trillion pieces of plastic floating throughout our waterways worldwide. In an exciting development, researchers and bioengineers in both Australia and North America have identified certain types of bacteria and fungus that consume plastics. Could they be the key to eliminating litter in our oceans? The production of plastic doubles every decade, according […]

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    We need to talk about wine corks


    This is a post about wine corks, but it is not a post about how to un-cork a bottle of champers! (If that’s what you’re looking for, head over here). We need to do better at recycling wine corks Instead, this a post about the cork itself. Wine corks are recyclable, and not enough of us […]

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  • download

    3D printing: new sustainable solutions


    With new technology comes new ways of thinking.  3-D printing is exploding onto the marketplace,  and we’re starting to see innovations that could change the way we live, and help us go a little easier on the planet. Some of those innovations are below. Ready to be inspired? 3D Printed Bricks that will Cool Your […]

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    Make your own household cleaners!


    We’re big fans of sustainable living in all aspects of our lives. Here are some quick ways you can go green and keep your house clean… just by being a little bit handy. (It’ll save you money, too).  Carpet Stain Remover Mix equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spray directly on […]

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    Ways to make your local park litter free – and keep it that way!


    Parks are for everyone and it’s important that they remain that way. One of our most important natural spaces, parks are for the community to gather, enjoy each other’s company, relax, and experience the restorative, healthy benefits of looking at greenery. We’ve been running litter grants for volunteer groups since 2013, and through the program and […]

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    NSW Cabinet votes in 10c Container Deposit Scheme


    Updated 21/09/2016 The Baird government has supported a recycling scheme for drink containers that will go into effect in July 2017. The plan was developed with the NSW Environment Protection Authority and the NSW government in the last week of August released their draft legislation for the scheme. Keep NSW Beautiful Director Tony Wright served on […]

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    Donate to Keep NSW Beautiful


    Keep NSW Beautiful is the friendliest, most effective environmental group in NSW that’s been making communities beautiful since 1975. We work to bring community groups, schools, businesses, and government together in their common goals to reduce litter and improve environmental sustainability across the state. We run a series of programs designed to celebrate, recognise, educate, […]

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  • Why is it so important for me to recycle?


    “Oh it’s okay, someone else will do it…” In the fight for our environmental future, collectivism is vital. Your personal recycling contribution may seem small, but in reality, when coupled with millions of other peoples, it’s a huge step in the right direction. Did you know: Americans throw away 25,000,000 plastic bottles every hour The […]

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  • What can you actually recycle?


    Every household can do its bit for the environment – all you have to do is follow some, or even all, of these simple recycling tips courtesy of Do The Right Thing! Ensure that you recycle as much as possible – your paper, cardboard, plastics, cans, milk and juice cartons, glass containers – everything! Take […]

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  • How to: start your business buying recycled content


      Businesses committed to the Australian Packaging Covenant are expected to achieve a variety of environmental goals which focus on buying products made from recycled packaging. The APC has put together a simple chart to show you how your businesses can easily buy and implement recycled content into your workplace:           […]

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  • Graphic 3

    Dirty Nappies Cause a Stink


    New South Wales mums and dads are driving a smelly litter trend with disposable nappies accounting for nearly half of miscellaneous rubbish. Car parks and highways were the most common dumping grounds for dirty nappies, according to the National Litter Index interim report. It found used nappies comprised more than 10 of 21.6 litres/1000m2 of […]

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  • Music Festival

    Plain-Clothes Litter Pickers for More Impact?


    Reading an article about  music festival litter in Australia got us thinking about the power of social norms to influence littering. The article, from Overland Magazine, discusses methods which harness the power of arts, culture and community to reduce litter at music festivals*. One thing which caught our eye was the idea of “hidden in […]

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  • Compost

    Tossing away your food scraps? Think before you do!


    You may not think much of scraping your leftovers  or throwing a banana peel into the regular household bin but did you know the consequences of that action can contribute 20 times more detrimentally to greenhouse emissions than carbon dioxide? Organic waste products begin to decompose when dumped in landfill, and consequently generate methane. Methane […]

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  • coffee cups

    Coffee Cup Seed Bombs Put Litter in an Uncomfortable Grey Area


    Most people reading this want to do their bit for the environment; everyone wants to contribute positively to our world in one way or another. Unfortunately, a seemingly sustainable idea touted by a California-based business is taking advantage of this collective willingness to make an effort in a way that’s perceived as wonderful, but is actually quite […]

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  • Byron

    Zero Net Energy vs Zero Emissions: Which is better?


    ‘Zero net energy’ versus ‘zero emissions’, which wins the most environmentally friendly battle? The two terms seem to denote something similar, and upon the release of Byron Bay’s commitment to becoming a ‘zero emissions community’ by 2025 just months after the other Northern NSW regional town of Uralla’s declaration to become the state’s first Zero Net […]

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  • egg basket

    10 Eggs-cellent Ways to Make Your Easter Sustainable


    As with every holiday season, most of us will spend this weekend enjoying a few days’ break, meals with family and friends, and a whole lot of unnecessary waste. The former are great, the latter ; not so much! This Easter make your break a more sustainable and environmentally friendly one. Here are ten ways […]

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  • Uralla1

    The NSW Town Going for Zero Net Energy


    Uralla has been selected for a pilot project that equips the town with a $10 million grant to transform the town into a role model for sustainable energy use. After being granted a $105,000 grant by the joint forces of the NSW State Government and ZNET Consortium, Uralla has begun working alongside the Moreland Energy Foundation to […]

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  • gas

    Natural Gas: As Squeaky Clean as its Name?


    Natural gas has enjoyed a fortunate PR run in the green sphere with well-meaning advocates praising it as a ‘cleaner’ alternative to the common evils of the coal and mining industries. But as a range of environmental complications arise from fracking, the global warming potential of natural gas is also under scrutiny from environmentalists and […]

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  • Sustainable restaurant

    Sustainable Business Highlight: Vatel Restaurant


    Vatel Restaurant is a sustainability award-winning business in Sydney, and in the past they have been involved in with our Sustainable Cities Awards. We’ve been saluting environmental initiatives in business through our awards programs’ long history, and it’s no coincidence that many finalists are businesses in the food and beverage industry. Environmental sustainability is on […]

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  • Why We Should All Be Excited About Sydney’s Light Rail


    Sydney’s light rail plan, which commenced construction last week, may be sparking concerns about traffic congestion and disruption to bus routes among some, but there is good reason for environmentalists (and everyone else!) to celebrate its appearance in our capital city. In a time where climate change, peak oil and traffic problems demand that we […]

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  • LEF1

    Five New Year’s Resolutions to Help You Live Simply – From Little Eco Footprints


    Little Eco Footprints is a blog about learning to live better with less, exploring sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle choices. Tricia at Little Eco Footprints has shared with us her inspiring blog of New Year’s Resolutions to live simply, in five easy steps! Now is the perfect time to consider changing habits. For those of you who haven’t […]

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  • This New Year’s Eve, Inspire a Clean Sydney


    Meet the garbos behind the clean-up. On New Year’s Eve our 4-million strong population, plus visitors who’ve come to see our spectacular NYE fireworks, are responsible for creating 58,000kg of rubbish in just one night. NYE ambassador Jack Thompson introduces the cleansing squad – these are the people who keep our city clean, and ensure […]

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  • betterbagguide

    The Better Bag Guide


    Ever wondered about the sustainability of reusable plastic bags vs paper, vs hemp bags? Here’s your indispensable guide to single and multiple use bag types, ranked in order of most to least sustainable.

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  • bag

    Plastic Bag-Free Towns in NSW


    We all know that taking your reusable shopping bags to the supermarket is a great way to reduce your personal consumption of plastic bags. Going a step further, lightweight plastic bags have been banned in the ACT, Northern Territory, South Australia and Tasmania in the last five years.  However, NSW has some of its own plastic-bag-free […]

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  • Natural Burial

    The Sustainable Death Movement


    Dying to know might be an overstatement, but if you’ve ever thought about leaving legacy of sustainability, you’re probably curious to know about the environmental impacts of the funeral industry growing popularity of natural burials. Whatever comes after this life isn’t a topic that we usually dwell on, but the creativity of the 21st century […]

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  • SW1b

    Sydney Water Gives KNSWB the Wrap on Nurdles


    Sydney Water – who partner with several of our programs and run the commendable Tap™ campaign to reduce single-use plastic bottle consumption – recently took part in a field study tour of Sydney Harbour, investigating plastic contamination in the harbour, and shared their experience with us. Two of their Education Officers, Liz Minor and Angela […]

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  • Reduce reuse recycle 2

    The 3 ‘R’s Have Been Revamped and Rejuvinated


    We are all familiar with the traditional, reduce, reuse, recycle: the primary education tools advocating for sustainable living, that have been immortalised in song and plastered on the walls of every school and organisation for decades, but is it time for a refurbishment of our trusty trio? According to environmental groups and educators the world over, […]

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  • Pulses 1

    Frugal Pantry Pulses


    Eating less meat and more veggies is one of the best things you can do for the planet in your everyday life. We saw this post on pulses by Tricia on Little Eco Footprints, and thought it was so fantastic we just had to share it with you! You can see the original post here. […]

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  • recycle plastic

    Do the Scrunch


    A recent development in recycling technology means that soft plastic – which once upon a time had no option but ending its life as litter or landfill – can now be recycled right here on Aussie shores. The innovation is driven by RED Group, a consulting and recycling organisation who have made it their mission […]

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  • Sydney Water marrickville2

    Sydney Water’s Anti-Graffiti Project Supports Local Artist


    Sydney Water, our Program Partner for the Sustainable Cities Awards and sponsor of the Sustainable Water Award in Clean Beaches, are actively involved in their own sustainability program, Liveable Cities. They recently undertook a joint project with Marrickville Council to solve a graffiti problem. Graffiti is one of the factors that contributes to litter in […]

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  • significant roadside vegetation2

    Another Reason Not to Throw Rubbish Out The Car Window


    Roadside vegetation is more important than you may think. Hardly considered a ‘pristine’ environment, the neglected acres that parallel our roads are worth more to the environment than you would expect. The neglected acres that parallel our roads are worth more to the environment than you would expect Click To Tweet Often the home of […]

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  • baghutch

    A-Z Alternatives for Single-Use Plastic


    Less plastic = less litter. In honour of Plastic Free July (which begins tomorrow), we’re sharing the list of alternatives to everyday single-use plastic items you might think are indispensable. It’s an invitation to get inventive and pare down your consumption to a sustainable level while re-evaluating what you really need. If you think you’re up […]

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  • light bulb

    Sustainability for the Budget-Minded


    We all know we should be living more sustainable lives, but at times the barrage of messages and greenwashing can make it seem a Sisyphean task. So we’ve compiled a list of the best ten thing you can do to kick-start a more sustainable lifestyle. These ten tips are both easy and they’ll save you money, […]

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  • sharing 2

    Collaborative Consumption and The Sharing Economy


    Perhaps you remember when you were a child and you were asked to share your toy. You so badly wanted to scream “mine, mine, mine,” but some responsible adult around would tell you,  “Sharing is caring.” Sharing used to be difficult growing up, but it is something all kids learn to accomplish. And now that […]

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  • biobag 2

    The Green Waste Solution: Ethical Bags That Compost


    Green waste makes up over half our household garbage in Australia. That’s a whole lot of delicious nutrients  – from the point of view of the plants and worms – that go to waste when thrown in the red bin and carted off to landfill. Even though the organic matter would break down naturally in […]

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  • 10cents Credit:

    Ten Cents Won’t Buy an Anti-Litter Culture


    Ten Cents Won’t Buy an Anti-Litter Culture… not on its own. Over the last six months in particular, litter has been making headlines with contention over litter reduction and recycling methodologies. Litter is ugly, demoralising, unhealthy and an environmental disgrace. It’s a no-brainer that people shouldn’t do it. Following progress that came in leaps and […]

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