Case Study: Community Litter Grant Rejuvenates Lalor Park Community Garden

The Lalor Park Community Garden group applied for a Community Litter Grant in  2014 to improve Chifley Park, a public space in the Sydney suburb of Lalor Park which had fallen into disrepair and was attracting litter and graffiti.

On a mission to make the park a more welcoming and usable place for locals to utilise and spend time in, the Lalor Park Community Garden formed a relationship with the local council. Collectively they examined ways of improving the park to encourage the community to visit.

This Community Litter Grant-funded project is an example of how litter prevention isn’t just about the litter – it’s about creating public spaces that are appealing and benefit locals. It’s also about creating a sense of ownership and community.

The Community Litter Grants program is one of KNSWB’s initiatives to prevent and reduce litter with locally-specific solutions, through the local communities who know their place best. If you are interested in applying, read more on the Community Litter Grants homepage, or contact communitylittergrants@knswb.org.au.

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