Case Study: Community Litter Grants fund Clean Cemetery at Scarborough Wombarra

The Friends of Scarborough Wombarra Cemetery – aka the ‘Gravediggers’ wanted to keep litter out of the local cemetery. Cemeteries are places which often gather litter in the form of plastic flowers and other ornaments which are left and, unfortunately, often end up picked up by the wind.

Scarborough Wombarra Cemetery is on the coast, which means that litter there often ends up in the ocean, where it is particularly damaging.

The Friends of the Cemetery used the grant money to engage local groups – schools, the bowling club, fire brigade and Wombarra Preschool – in litter cleanup and maintenance, and installed specially designed bag dispensers for visiting locals to take when they visited the cemetery and to help keep it clean and tidy.

They ran a Local Litter Check to assess the extend of litter, both before and after the bags were installed, and found that the initiative had made a significant different in the amount of litter present.

The Community Litter Grants program is one of KNSWB’s initiatives to prevent and reduce litter with locally-specific solutions, through the local communities who know their place best. If you are interested in applying, read more on the Community Litter Grants homepage, or contact communitylittergrants@knswb.org.au.

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