Case Study: Riverwood Community Centre uses Community Litter Grant for Clean Streets Program

The Riverwood Community Clean Street Program is a grassroots initiative to clean up Riverwood. A local band of citizens band together for regular litter picks through the streets.

Funds from the Community Litter grant were used to equip the volunteer litter squad with uniforms and equipment, which helped give them an ‘official’ presence in the neighbourhood and validate their contribution.

The pride that the volunteers feel for their neighbourhood – you can hear their testaments in the video below – is a beautiful reflection on the power of community spirit to motivate communal action.

The Community Litter Grants program is one of KNSWB’s initiatives to prevent and reduce litter with locally-specific solutions, through the local communities who know their place best. If you are interested in applying, read more on the Community Litter Grants homepage, or contact communitylittergrants@knswb.org.au.

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