• Why is it so important for me to recycle?


    “Oh it’s okay, someone else will do it…” In the fight for our environmental future, collectivism is vital. Your personal recycling contribution may seem small, but in reality, when coupled with millions of other peoples, it’s a huge step in the right direction. Did you know: Americans throw away 25,000,000 plastic bottles every hour The […]

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  • What can you actually recycle?


    Every household can do its bit for the environment – all you have to do is follow some, or even all, of these simple recycling tips courtesy of Do The Right Thing! Ensure that you recycle as much as possible – your paper, cardboard, plastics, cans, milk and juice cartons, glass containers – everything! Take […]

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  • How to: start your business buying recycled content


      Businesses committed to the Australian Packaging Covenant are expected to achieve a variety of environmental goals which focus on buying products made from recycled packaging. The APC has put together a simple chart to show you how your businesses can easily buy and implement recycled content into your workplace:           […]

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  • Dirty Nappies Cause a Stink


    New South Wales mums and dads are driving a smelly litter trend with disposable nappies accounting for nearly half of miscellaneous rubbish. Car parks and highways were the most common dumping grounds for dirty nappies, according to the National Litter Index interim report. It found used nappies comprised more than 10 of 21.6 litres/1000m2 of […]

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  • Plain-Clothes Litter Pickers for More Impact?


    Reading an article about  music festival litter in Australia got us thinking about the power of social norms to influence littering. The article, from Overland Magazine, discusses methods which harness the power of arts, culture and community to reduce litter at music festivals*. One thing which caught our eye was the idea of “hidden in […]

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  • Tossing away your food scraps? Think before you do!


    You may not think much of scraping your leftovers  or throwing a banana peel into the regular household bin but did you know the consequences of that action can contribute 20 times more detrimentally to greenhouse emissions than carbon dioxide? Organic waste products begin to decompose when dumped in landfill, and consequently generate methane. Methane […]

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