• Plain-Clothes Litter Pickers for More Impact?


    Reading an article about  music festival litter in Australia got us thinking about the power of social norms to influence littering. The article, from Overland Magazine, discusses methods which harness the power of arts, culture and community to reduce litter at music festivals*. One thing which caught our eye was the idea of “hidden in […]

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  • Tossing away your food scraps? Think before you do!


    You may not think much of scraping your leftovers  or throwing a banana peel into the regular household bin but did you know the consequences of that action can contribute 20 times more detrimentally to greenhouse emissions than carbon dioxide? Organic waste products begin to decompose when dumped in landfill, and consequently generate methane. Methane […]

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  • Coffee Cup Seed Bombs Put Litter in an Uncomfortable Grey Area


    Most people reading this want to do their bit for the environment; everyone wants to contribute positively to our world in one way or another. Unfortunately, a seemingly sustainable idea touted by a California-based business is taking advantage of this collective willingness to make an effort in a way that’s perceived as wonderful, but is actually quite […]

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  • Zero Net Energy vs Zero Emissions: Which is better?


    ‘Zero net energy’ versus ‘zero emissions’, which wins the most environmentally friendly battle? The two terms seem to denote something similar, and upon the release of Byron Bay’s commitment to becoming a ‘zero emissions community’ by 2025 just months after the other Northern NSW regional town of Uralla’s declaration to become the state’s first Zero Net […]

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  • 10 Eggs-cellent Ways to Make Your Easter Sustainable


    As with every holiday season, most of us will spend this weekend enjoying a few days’ break, meals with family and friends, and a whole lot of unnecessary waste. The former are great, the latter ; not so much! This Easter make your break a more sustainable and environmentally friendly one. Here are ten ways […]

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  • The NSW Town Going for Zero Net Energy


    Uralla has been selected for a pilot project that equips the town with a $10 million grant to transform the town into a role model for sustainable energy use. After being granted a $105,000 grant by the joint forces of the NSW State Government and ZNET Consortium, Uralla has begun working alongside the Moreland Energy Foundation to […]

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