• Sydney Water Gives KNSWB the Wrap on Nurdles


    Sydney Water – who partner with several of our programs and run the commendable Tap™ campaign to reduce single-use plastic bottle consumption – recently took part in a field study tour of Sydney Harbour, investigating plastic contamination in the harbour, and shared their experience with us. Two of their Education Officers, Liz Minor and Angela […]

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  • The 3 ‘R’s Have Been Revamped and Rejuvinated


    We are all familiar with the traditional, reduce, reuse, recycle: the primary education tools advocating for sustainable living, that have been immortalised in song and plastered on the walls of every school and organisation for decades, but is it time for a refurbishment of our trusty trio? According to environmental groups and educators the world over, […]

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  • Frugal Pantry Pulses


    Eating less meat and more veggies is one of the best things you can do for the planet in your everyday life. We saw this post on pulses by Tricia on Little Eco Footprints, and thought it was so fantastic we just had to share it with you! You can see the original post here. […]

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  • Do the Scrunch


    A recent development in recycling technology means that soft plastic – which once upon a time had no option but ending its life as litter or landfill – can now be recycled right here on Aussie shores. The innovation is driven by RED Group, a consulting and recycling organisation who have made it their mission […]

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  • Sydney Water’s Anti-Graffiti Project Supports Local Artist


    Sydney Water, our Program Partner for the Sustainable Cities Awards and sponsor of the Sustainable Water Award in Clean Beaches, are actively involved in their own sustainability program, Liveable Cities. They recently undertook a joint project with Marrickville Council to solve a graffiti problem. Graffiti is one of the factors that contributes to litter in […]

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  • Another Reason Not to Throw Rubbish Out The Car Window


    Roadside vegetation is more important than you may think. Hardly considered a ‘pristine’ environment, the neglected acres that parallel our roads are worth more to the environment than you would expect. The neglected acres that parallel our roads are worth more to the environment than you would expect Click To Tweet Often the home of […]

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