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    A First for Australia: Collective Action to Stamp out Litterbugs


    Although it’s a topic often swept under the rug (if you will pardon the pun) litter is now looming large in social and government agendas, and with the NSW state election season coming up it’s a key part of their plan to improve our state. Drawing delegates and presenters from across the country and internationally, […]

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    Tidy Town Rivalry Hits the Stage


    If you missed out on our Facebook giveaway for tickets to the play ‘Tidy Town of the Year’, you still have time to catch it. After taking the team there, we recommend it! It was with slight trepidation that the KNSWB office trekked over to the Old Fitzroy Hotel theatre in Woolloomooloo to witness a play […]

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    Ten Cents Won’t Buy an Anti-Litter Culture


    Ten Cents Won’t Buy an Anti-Litter Culture… not on its own. Over the last six months in particular, litter has been making headlines with contention over litter reduction and recycling methodologies. Litter is ugly, demoralising, unhealthy and an environmental disgrace. It’s a no-brainer that people shouldn’t do it. Following progress that came in leaps and […]

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    Sustainability on Show at Taronga Zoo


    We must be the only group of tourists who gets as excited about bins as we do about big cats at the zoo. But on last week’s field trip to Taronga Zoo, we were equally impressed by the energy and waste conservation scheme as the main attractions, the animals themselves. Taronga Zoo is leading the […]

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  • 2013 Year in Review


    The last 12 months has been incredible journey for KABNSW and one that has seen many positive changes. Now in our 38th year, we continued our mission to be committed to excellence in environmental education, support and enhancement. Through our core programs we worked with local governments, schools, businesses and community groups to encourage a […]

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    Peter Clark: 18 Years of Tidy Towns Assessing


    Since 1981, the Tidy Towns – Sustainable Communities Awards Program has been rewarding and recognising the civic pride and environmental commitment of communities in regional NSW.  Volunteers play a large role in these awards, from the groups that care for the natural and built environment of their town, to those who tirelessly travel across the […]

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