EnviroMentors Deliver Workshops to Sydney Water

It’s school  holidays but there’s no rest for our busy team of EnviroMentors, who are using the break from their usual MO delivering workshops in environmentalism and sustainability to primary school-aged children, to visit Sydney Water’s Corporate Headquarters in Parramatta.

On 23 and 24 September, the EnviroMentors are giving presentations about litter in NSW to an audience of Sydney Water Employees as part of a staff engagement process and awareness-raising initiative.

Sydney Water has been a valued supporter of KNSWB by partnering with our Awards Programs, Clean Beaches and Sustainable Cities, for the past two years. With an already substantially environmentally engaged workforce, we hope these workshops will broaden staff appreciation of the litter problem in NSW and bring a heightened awareness to how individual actions can impact.

4 Litter facts you might not have known…

  • Litter attracts litter: If a space is maintained, clean and litter-free it is less likely to attract litter
  • For plastic to break down it requires sunlight; the UV rays destroys the bonds holding the molecular chain together which over time creates the microplastics which are polluting our oceans
  • The estimated cost of litter services nationally is approximately $300 million to $350 million annually
  • It takes one hour for chemicals to leach from cigarette butts when in contact with water

EnviroMentors is proudly sponsored by Wrigley


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