EnviroMentors investigate lunchboxes with new Lunches Unwrapped module

Have you looked inside a student’s lunchbox lately? Single use plastic bags, cling wrap, disposable utensils, plastic straws, chip packets, single-serve cheese dips… that’s a lot of waste, and it’s all lurking in the humble lunchbox.

Our new EnviroMentors module, Lunches Unwrapped, is all about getting to the heart of this source of waste – the mess of discarded packaging left after all the food has been eaten.

We want to help schools with this issue by educating students and staff about waste reduction at lunch time. Many schools don’t have recycling bins on the playground or in classrooms, so what can we do about these inedible leftovers? How can we stop them from ending up in our landfills or as litter choking our school grounds?

Lunches Unwrapped will show you how to create a waste-free lunch. Not only better for the environment, it’s probably better for the students in your life as well, because waste-free lunches tend to be both healthier and cheaper. For example: highly processed foods are generally the ones in all the extra packaging. Unprocessed snacks, like fruits and vegetables, are not, and can be stored in reusable packaging.

This module is going to also educate students on how to avoid, reduce, reuse, and recycle items in their school lunches, and promote the use of reusable food and drink containers, utensils and producing only organic waste.

The best way to gets students involved is to go interactive, and so Lunches Unwrapped will include a variety of hands-on learning activities, appropriate for all stages and learning abilities. There will be relay games to get the blood flowing while students will really get to look at the kind of waste that comes from an innocent school lunch. Students will learn ways to pack a waste-free lunch and even design a brand new lunch box.

Lunches Unwrapped will promote bulk buying, recycling packaging, and how making your own food – especially from healthy options – can really change the environment. Take-home information will be available for students and parents, getting the whole school community together to make a positive change.

The solution could be inside of the box after all.

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The Lunches Unwrapped module is proudly sponsored by BioBag Australia

EnviroMentors is proudly sponsored by WrigleyPrint

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