How to waste less food at big holiday dinners

Food waste is a serious problem in this country, with Australians discarding around 20% of the food they purchase (around $8 billion worth of food per year). Around the holidays, these numbers can rise dramatically, and that’s not good for anyone. We’ve come up with a few ways to help you get the most you can out of all the food and ingredients at your table.

Think before you shop

First things first: how much food do you really need? Don’t panic and over-buy. Be thoughtful, double-check your recipes, and if you do need to guess big, guess big on the items that you’ll use after the big meal.

Use scraps to extend the life of other kitchen staples

A citrus peel in brown sugar keeps it going hard and keeps the peel from rotting! You can also use the rinds to clean your coffee pot, or even to make a candle.

Clean cookware 

This one’s for apple peels. Pop them and some water in your dirty aluminium cookware, bring to a boil, and let simmer. The acid in the apple peel will lift off stains and discolouration. Too easy!

Make a pesto

Got carrot or radish tops lying around after chopping? Blend it with some nuts and garlic and you’ve got a tasty pesto! You’ll be eating well and wasting nothing. Here’s a recipe.

Make tea

No, really. Food scrap tea! Ginger, fruit peels, zests, use them all as an infusion. Add to boiling water with a little honey!

Rescue half-drunk bottles of wine

You can freeze wine to use later as sauces, gravies, and in other forms of cooking! No pouring it down the drain and you’ll be prepared next time you need it! Read more here.


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