Introducing Keep NSW Beautiful

The state’s leading environmental organization, Keep Australia Beautiful NSW, has rebranded as Keep NSW Beautiful (KNSWB). 2014 will mark a new era for the organization with a fresh name, logo and focus to make NSW the least littered state in Australia.

Over the past 38 years, Keep Australia Beautiful NSW has done sterling work in educating, motivating and rewarding the people of NSW to take responsibility to create a cleaner, more sustainable and beautiful environment.

In 2014 and beyond, KNSWB’s core focus is to be the leader in transforming the littering behavior in NSW. KNSWB will strive to create the cleanest, most beautiful and least littered state in Australia, and will be inspirational, entrepreneurial and relentless in pursuing this goal.

David Imrie, CEO of KNSWB, said the rebrand indicates a bright future for the organization and a return to their roots in tackling litter reduction.

“The new brand reflects and confirms KNSWB’s commitment to the environment and the communities of NSW and signifies a fresh and vibrant future for the organization,” Mr. Imrie said.

“We share and embrace the NSW Government’s goal outlined in the 2021 Plan for our beautiful state to have the lowest litter count per capita in Australia and we’re committed to leading the charge in achieving this goal,” Mr. Imrie said.

The most recent National Litter Index, released by the Keep Australia Beautiful National Association, indicates NSW is behind the national average in terms of both number and volume of littered items.

With 61 items per 1000m2 (compared to the national average of 56, and behind Victoria’s winning record of 30), NSW clocks in as the fourth most littered state.

NSW is also well behind when assessed for volumes of litter, with 10.15 litres littered per 1000m2, almost twice the national average at 6.13 litres.

“We will work relentlessly with the NSW Government, the NSW Environment Protection Authority and the urban, coastal and regional communities of NSW to change the antisocial behaviour of litterbugs,” Mr Imrie said.

“Our new logo is fresh, modern and in our State colours. It makes a strong statement on who we are today and into the future. We are here to make NSW Number One.”

This year KNSWB will strike a balance between new and previously successful initiatives to bring litter reduction and prevention to the forefront of the public mind while supporting, celebrating and rewarding environmental practices.

On March 21-22KNSWB will be hosting the very first Australian litter congress: Less Litter, Live Better at Rydges World Square, Sydney. The Congress will be solely focused on behavior change and litter reduction. It will include keynote speakers, case study presentations and interactive panels to discuss practical solutions and strategies for reducing litter.

KNSWB will continue their renowned Tidy Towns, Sustainable Cities, Clean Beaches, Community Litter Grants and EnviroMentors programs, to endeavor to make NSW an even better place to call home.

KNSWB will remain as a member of the Keep Australia Beautiful network, along with KQB, KESAB, Sustainability Victoria, KABWA, KABTAS and KABNT.

One Response to “Introducing Keep NSW Beautiful”

  1. January 20, 2014 at 11:53 am, Jo Mulholland (Ozcloggie) said:

    I LIKE the idea of giving this great cause a fresh coat of paint. Some renewed energy. A strong focus on NSW. KEEP up the good work!