Keep Australia Beautiful NSW Statement on Litter Reduction Methodologies

Keep Australia Beautiful NSW (KABNSW) is committed to practical and holistic action to prevent and reduce ALL types of litter and improve our environment.

Options are being considered by Australia’s Environment Ministers through the COAG Standing Council on Environment and Water. KABNSW believes  that option 2(b) National Bin Network is the most practical and holistic approach to reducing ALL types of litter.

National Bin Network responds to our demand that industry and government show leadership, work with the community and put in place practical and holistic measures to reduce ALL types of litter and improve recycling.

The NSW Bin Network Rollout Plan shows the National Bin Network is 1/28th the cost of a national Container Deposit Legislation (CDL)  and will deliver similar outcomes for recycling and better outcomes for litter reduction than a CDL.

KABNSW is running trials of this approach around the state and are receiving very positive results.

CDL only addresses 10% of the litter stream – beverage containers – and requires significant infrastructure which is extremely expensive and complex to build.

KABNSW wants  reduction of litter of  ALL consumer packaging including food wrappers, cigarette packets and butts, takeaway containers, coffee cups and  all other litter types.

Keep Australia Beauitful’s National Litter Index research shows while the CDL encourages people to pick up littered containers, it does not create a anti-litter culture. For example, after 40 years of a CDL, South Australia has 97% more litter than Victoria (when cigarette buts are removed).

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