Keeping our environment litter-free in Parramatta, NSW

Keep NSW Beautiful and a team of enthusiastic volunteers made their way to Prince Alfred Square in the heart of Parramatta in Western Sydney last week to spread the ‘Take the Pledge’ message: help to keep NSW beautiful by not littering.

It’s an important message to spread around the holidays, as the sun comes out and the annual leave kicks in, and NSW residents and visitors flock to parks, beaches, campgrounds, and more to celebrate with friends, family, and all their loved ones.

Keep NSW Beautiful started Take the Pledge in 2014, operating on the principle that the solution to litter lies in behaviour change rather than in clean-ups. The program is a move to influence NSW citizens to step away from a clean-up culture and towards education and awareness for lasting behaviour change – so that litter doesn’t end up on the ground in the first place.

The campaign engages members of the public through the act of pledging – online or in person – to ‘keep New South Wales Beautiful by not littering.’

KNSWB and our volunteers approached the people of Parramatta as they were out and about on Friday 18th December, the first official day of school holidays, to encourage them to pledge right then and there on the spot not to litter over the festive season and beyond.

Despite the high temperatures and glaring sun, over six hundred people took the pledge – a massive result from just two hours of chatting to people!

If you haven’t taken the pledge yet, you can do so online right here: www.takethepledge.com.au. And head over to our Facebook to see some photos from the day!

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