Leanne and her family were fabulous on Pledge Day

On Take the Pledge Day last year, Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) Director of Governance and Service Strategy Leanne Siveyer took part in the events on 1 November and took the litter message to the beach with her family.

Leanne shares her experience with us below:

On Saturday, November 1, my family and I participated in the Take the Pledge program at Brighton Beach. We chose this location as we are active members of the Brighton Baths Athletics Club and Nippers program.

It was a great opportunity to share our passion for preserving our natural environment and reducing the amount of litter left on our beautiful beaches. Most people were more than happy to make their personal commitment not to litter and were very supportive of our efforts.

We easily collected the target number of signatures before a thunderstorm rolled through.

I’d definitely encourage others to participate in the program next year – it was very rewarding for all of us and most importantly is a great step towards litter awareness and reduction.

Anyone can Take the Pledge online now at www.takethepledge.com.au

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