Looking for a sustainable alternative to leather? We’ve got you covered

Whether you avoid animal products or are concerned about the environmental, sustainable risks of tannery, or if you’re just ethically conscious and would prefer to upcycle or repurpose items – this list is for you! There are sustainable and safe alternatives to leather out there and they’re well worth looking into!

Compostible leather


Suzanne Lee grows leather alternatives in her bathtub! Made from green tea, sugar, bacteria, and yeast, you can wear the items for around five years and then put them straight in the compost!




Leather made from pineapples (no seriously)

3059190-slide-4-this-gorgeous-sustainable-leather-is-made-from-pineappleDesigner Carmen Hijosa visited the Phillippines and discovered something. The roaring pineapple industry there was simply discarding the pineapple leaves, and those could be a great, sustainable, waste-diverting leather alternative.

“It’s created from a byproduct of agriculture, meaning it’s a total waste product,” she says. “This really means that in order to have Piñatex, a textile, we don’t have to use any land, water, pesticides, fertilizers … we are actually taking a waste material and ‘upscaling’ it, meaning that we’re giving it added value.”


Cork Leather

corkleatherRecycle corks, treat cork trees well, get great fashion. Cork Leather in Brisbane are leading the way in this alternative to leather, and their products are sharp and stylish.

“The cork oak tree needs to be stripped of its bark every 9 years in order to have a long healthy life, up to 350 years,” they say, and the company has chosen to work within the parameters of nature to make something beautiful.


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