NSW Container Deposit Scheme delays launch until December 2017

The NSW Container Deposit Scheme draft legislation was announced in September 2016. The Baird government developed the scheme, also referred to as “cash for containers,” in association with the NSW EPA and slated it for launch on  1 July 2017.

On Friday 17 February, news emerged that the scheme will now be delayed until 1 December 2017, allowing an extra five months for further development and implementation – an essential extension given that infrastructure, resources, and a manager and deliverer for the sceheme have yet to be nominated.

Numerous environmental groups, including Keep NSW Beautiful, wrote to the government to advise an extension to the rollout was needed in order to ensure the plan that will take effect across the state – a massive undertaking –  is the right one.

According to Government News, NSW Environment and Local Government Minister Gabrielle Upton said “This will be the biggest initiative to tackle litter in the state’s history – stakeholder feedback is vital to get the scheme right.”

Local Government NSW President Keith Rhoades said  “The scheme has the potential to cut litter in NSW by up to 43 per cent, but the complexity of the collection and refund processes required have become increasingly clear.”

We’ll keep you posted as the plans for NSW’s first Container Deposit Scheme continue, including any deadline changes or announcements. We know that to best fight litter, you need all the information about the infrastructure supporting the fight, and we’ll keep doing our best to bring it to you.

One Response to “NSW Container Deposit Scheme delays launch until December 2017”

  1. March 16, 2017 at 8:31 pm, John Maine said:

    There has been a successful scheme operating in S.A. for years.
    Can’t NSW get its act together and draw on the SA experience – if Governments moved any slower we’d be back to horse and buggy days.!