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Are you fed up with litter in your local area? Or maybe you’re part of a group who are already doing something to clean up your neighbourhood, but could do with some extra funds to help out?

Community Litter Grants started in 2013 to equip locals with tools and resources to implement litter solutions in their neighbourhoods.

Litter is a universal issue. Understanding why litter occurs in a particular location is necessary to tackling the problem at its root.

All organisations applying for a grant must first conduct a Local Litter Check, which uses specific methodology to collect information on a litter ‘hotspot’ and compare it with a clean area. The comparison allows you to drill down what will be most effective in your community.


How to Apply

Stage 1: Local Litter Check

Community groups wishing to gain funding will first need to carry out a Local Litter check. This means identifying an area that gathers litter – a ‘litter hotspot’, and filling out a checklist of questions, counting litter items and interviewing residents about their use of the area. The same study is undertaken in a ‘clean’ area with similar geographical features. This method gives you information on what about the hotspot attracts the litter, and how to fix it.

Every group who sends KNSWB a completed Local Litter Check form will be reimbursed $500 for the Litter Check alone.

Stage 2: Grant Application and implementation

Grants of up to $5,000 will be awarded through a competitive process using data from the Local Litter Check to develop a plan of action to tackle littering behaviour in your area. It’s important to have clear targets – you can read the criteria that the grants are assessed upon  in the application form and use this to write your submission. We assess and allocate the necessary funds to those projects that have the best potential to be long-term, behaviour-changing endeavours.

Once the funding is granted, you can get your project underway. KNSWB will assist you and provide consultation in doing this and our staff are on hand to help out and to supply advice when needed. We also keep tabs on the progress of the project to make sure it’s being measured, and that targets are adhered to.

To apply for the Grant, you must first perform the Local Litter Check. Once you have completed the Local Litter Check you can apply for the full grant.

Registrations will be opening soon for the Community Litter Grants program in 2015. If you would like to be kept updated, please email us at and we will let you know  when registrations open.

Who Can Receive a Grant?

Not sure if your group can apply for a grant? Ask us about eligibility guidelines.

For more information, please contact Kellie on 02 8594 4099 or


This project is a NSW EPA Waste Less, Recycle More initiative funded by the waste levy.

Click here to visit the NSW EPA website to discover more about their litter prevention programs.



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