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NSW’s leading incursion-based environmental education service.

We’ve been bringing environmental education to NSW primary schools for over twenty years. Our team are qualified teachers as well as experts in sustainability.


EnviroMentors® modules provide a range of education services to improve community awareness and engagement on local sustainability issues and initiatives. Like other KNSWB programs, EnviroMentors focuses on motivating communities to participate in simple and practical ways to improve their local environment.

EnviroMentors education services include:

  • Community Workshops
  • Corporate Programs
  • School Workshops
  • Sustainability Audits
  • Educational Materials
  • Community Displays

Benefits of using EnviroMentors

For Councils

  • Provision of all correspondence, promotion, school liaison, teaching and reporting
  • Tailored workshops to address local issues and focus points that Council request
  • Promotion of Council’s services
  • Valuable and constructive feedback
  • Liaison with Government Department and sustainability networks to ensure content is current and relevant

For Schools:

  • Promotion, consolidation and extension of positive environmental practices
  • Syllabus linked outcomes
  • Activities are age-appropriate, interactive, stimulating and fun
  • Provision of resource material such as worksheets, brochures, posters, certificates, and newsletters
  • Workshops contain AV/IWB components where available, complementing technology use within school

For the Community:

  • Increased awareness of waste and sustainability issues
  • Enhanced understanding of the need for appropriate resource use and reduced consumption
  • Local issues and focus points highlighted
  • Influence extended towards the broader community, as participants are encourage to teach others the new information learned
  • A shift towards more appropriate behaviours as a result of better understanding of environmental issues

High School and Early Childhood workshops are available upon request. Please email us for more information.