Take the Pledge – Swear Against Litter!

Take the Pledge Keep NSW Beautiful’s new approach to stopping litter in NSW by raising awareness and creating an anti-litter culture.

An anti-litter culture is one where there is no need to organise mass clean-ups to pick up after litterbugs, because no one litters in the first place.

We believe that with enough people pledging to keep NSW beautiful by not littering, we can build a like-minded community dedicated to influencing habitual behaviour change to keep our state beautiful and litter-free.

Taking the pledge means helping to bring about this shift by making a simple promise: “I pledge to keep NSW beautiful by not littering”.

Take the Pledge now!

Most people don’t like litter and wouldn’t consider themselves to be ‘litterbugs’. But studies show that almost everyone litters at some point – even the best intentions can go astray at times. That’s why a reminder about personal responsibility can go a long way in helping everyone do the right thing and keep litter off our landscapes and out of our communities.

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