Thank you for your interest in supporting Take the Pledge!

We are keeping our beautiful beaches clean and litter-free this summer.

To help us achieve this you can ask your employees, partners and contacts to Pledge online by directing them to, letting them know what the Pledge is about, and encouraging them to Take the Pledge.

First of all, please visit the website and Take the Pledge yourself!

Then, to have your organisation listed on the Take the Pledge website as one of our supporters, simply do one (or more) of the following:

  1. Share the link ( in a newsletter and add to your mailing list

  2. Post about Take the Pledge on your Facebook page, and send an email with a link to your page to

  3. Tweet about it, and tag us @knswb

  4. Mention the campaign on your website, then send us a link at media@knswb,

  5. Send a personal email to your contacts, and forward a copy to

Please enter your email in the form below to instantly receive a message that you can forward on to your contacts, or customise for use in your other communications.

In order to have your organisation listed on the website as a supporter, your message must include a link to and a call to action for people to visit the website and Take the Pledge themselves. If you are located near the coast, encourage them to volunteer at their local beach on the Day, Saturday 1st November.

Our goal is to gather as many pledge as we can, both on the day and in the lead-up to the event.

We are also looking for volunteers to help us get people to pledge on the day. It means devoting a couple of hours to gathering pledges at your local beach. To register, visit, and if you have any enquiries contact Laura Oxley on (02) 8594 4035 or

No matter how big or small your organisation, you and your people can help keep our beaches beautiful, and we greatly appreciate your support.