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Since 1981, the Tidy Towns – Sustainable Communities Program has been rewarding and recognising projects around litter, waste management, recycling, heritage, community spirit and other environmental areas in towns both large and small across the breadth of NSW.

Winning the title of the “State’s Tidiest Town” has become a much sought-after honour and is highly contested by small and large towns alike.

In 2018, the Tidy Towns – Sustainable Communities Awards Program continues to celebrate these achievements with some changes. We invite you to take part in 2018 as we move into our 37th year. Commencing this year, there is no fee for entries to the awards.

The State Overall winner has the potential to become a finalist for the National Keep Australia Beautiful Award and may also host the 2019 awards weekend. This, however, is not mandatory. If you are not in the position to host the awards, do not let it deter you from entering.

Awards Levels

The Tidy Towns – Sustainable Communities Awards Program incorporates two levels of awards, the Overall Sustainable Council Award and the individual category awards. These two levels recognise both individual and/or holistic projects and programs. Participants have advised us of numerous social, environmental and economic benefits of entering into the program:

  • Increased community pride, morale, spirit; and physical, mental & social well-being;
  • Social interaction & co-operation between community members, groups and partners;
  • Improved natural environment and restoration of wildlife habitats;
  • Strengthening of current partnerships or initiation of new ones between community members and groups, councils and businesses;
  • Potential for increased tourism and amenities for the local community;
  • Reduction of waste, graffiti prevention, and enhanced management of waste services;
  • Permanent recognition for winners and valuable feedback on award submissions;
  • Public awareness of environmental education issues;
  • Networking opportunities between industry, government, and environmental leaders and experts;
  • Introduction and/or recognition of sustainability initiatives;
  • Recognition of good governance in local government;
  • Opportunities to showcase and celebrate the innovative work, expertise, and vision of your organisation or project;
  • Increased valuable media exposure for your local area and community projects;
  • Learning about other sustainability projects within NSW and sharing ideas with key stakeholders;
  • Creating excitement and motivation for communities by recognising their efforts in sustainability or other environmental initiatives and programs.

Population Categories for the 2018 Awards

  • Population category A: up to 2000
  • Population category B: 2001-6000
  • Population category C: 6001-12,000
  • Population category D: 12,001-20,000
  • Population category E: 20,001 +

Key Dates for the 2018 Awards

End of September Judging finalised
9-11 November 2018 Winners announced at the Tidy Towns Awards Weekend in Orange


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