Our Volunteers Went Head-to-Head with Local Litterbugs on Take the Pledge Day

On Saturday 1 November hundreds of volunteers gathered on NSW beaches to combat litter on their local beach. The KNSWB team was at Cronulla Beach with Cronulla Surf Lifesaving Club volunteers and Seven News Sydney Anchor, Mark Ferguson.

Together we gathered over 5,000 pledges.

Our vision is to kick-start start a grassroots movement that isn’t about picking up other people’s litter, but works to stop it at the source.

Keep NSW Beautiful’s mission is to change habits to create an anti-litter culture. An anti-litter culture is one where there is no need to organise mass clean-ups to pick up after litterbugs, because no one litters in the first place – littering would be socially unacceptable in the same way that smoking indoors in public places is now unacceptable.­

Studies show that almost everyone litters at some point – even the best intentions can go astray at times. That’s why a reminder about personal responsibility can go a long way in helping everyone do the right thing and keep litter off our beaches.

We started Take the Pledge to try to move away from a clean-up culture and towards educating people for lasting behaviour change. We want everyone to feel that they are involved in creating a better community, and empower them to see their own actions as contributing to the solution.

KNSWB  CEO, David Imrie, explained, “The action of making a pledge has a powerful influence on behaviour, and has been used in small-scale projects to see a tangible reduction in littered items –we’re now taking this idea to the entire state of NSW.”

“Take the Pledge is about increasing awareness of doing the right thing – not only out of respect for our environment but out of a courtesy to others who also want to enjoy the beach.”

There are two components to the campaign: an online tally of pledges at takethepledge.com.au, and Take the Pledge events, the first of which was Saturday 1 November.

Remember, anyone who wants to add their voice to the anti-litter movement can make the pledge online too – takethepledge.com.au. Please Take the Pledge, and share the message with your friends and family to help keep our beaches beautiful.

One Response to “Our Volunteers Went Head-to-Head with Local Litterbugs on Take the Pledge Day”

  1. November 27, 2014 at 5:25 pm, Judy Quickenden said:

    A great idea to encourage people to encourage people not to litter. Our litter is apparently the biggest pollutant in our oceans. Something had to be done. Í hope this works.