Premier’s Dinner 2013

On Thursday, 24 October, Keep Australia Beautiful NSW (KABNSW) was joined by their President who  is the NSW Premier, The Hon. Barry O’Farrell, and The Hon. Robyn Parker MP, Minister of Environment and Minister for Heritage for their annual Premier’s Dinner at NSW Parliament House.

2013 NSW Premier’s Dinner Photo Gallery

The NSW Premier’s Dinner is KABNSW’s only fundraising venture each year and celebrates the achievements of the not-for-profit organisation and presents plans for the future preservation, protection and enhancement of the NSW environment.

KABNSW is a leading independent community based environmental organisation with proven success in fostering long-term community efforts that protect and enhance the NSW environment by delivering awards, grants and education programs.

Premier O’Farrell addressed the dinner and commended KABNSW for motivating and educating individuals, communities, businesses and councils to take up environmentally sustainable practices.

“I want to pay tribute to KABNSW for everything they have done over 38 years to practically assist the communities of NSW to improve our State,” Premier O’Farrell said.

“What I like about KABNSW is that it is about education, behaviour change and practical programs in addressing sustainability.

“We to believe in practically approaching these issues and KABNSW can tell us precisely how we can work to address environmental sustainability, and how we can deliver everlasting change.”

Minister Parker highlighted the role KABNSW has to play for NSW to have the lowest litter count per capital as part of the NSW Governments 2021 Plan.

“The NSW Government aim for NSW to be the least littered state and we will get there, but only with groups like KABNSW partnering with us,” Minister Parker said.

“We are co-sponsors of the Sustainable Cities, Clean Beaches and Tidy Towns awards and fund $470,000 to the NSW Community Litter Grants program which enables communities to identify litter hotspots, undertake litter checks and empower them to have the responsibility to take action.”

Keep Australia Beautiful NSW CEO, David Imrie, spoke positively on an exciting future for the organisation and how behavioural change is crucial in eradicating litter and improving recycling rates.

“We share and embrace the NSW Government’s goal outlined in the 2021 Plan for our beautiful state to have the lowest litter count per capita in Australia,” Mr. Imrie said.

“To achieve this we need to get rid of litter and change the behaviour of litterers through education, and practical solutions. “

Mr Imrie also reiterated KABNSW’s support of a National Recycling Plan as the best approach at this time for reducing litter and improving recycling state-wide.

“We seek the highest recycling rates and the lowest littering rates possible. A National Recycling Plan is economically viable, easily accessible via a network of recycling bins in public spaces, addresses the entire litter stream and supports and encourages universal recycling behaviour,” Mr. Imrie added.

“Some other groups support container deposit schemes even though they only address nine per cent of the litter stream in beverage containers.  However there is much more that unites us than divides us. Most importantly, all environmental groups care deeply and work vigorously for our environment and our communities.”


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