Second round of Community Litter Grants for 2014

The year’s almost over, but far from winding down we’ve managed to slip in a sneaky extra round in the Community Litter Grants Program.

Community groups now have another chance to do the Local Litter Check and apply for grant money.


The grant process involves:

  1. Selecting a specific area in your neighbourhood where litter is a problem – e.g. a park, a stretch of road, a beach, an area of natural bushland etc.
  2. Doing a ‘Local Litter Check’ to assess the extent of the litter problem*
  3. Coming up with ideas to improve it and presenting the ideas in a submission to KNSWB.
  4. The grant funds deemed necessary to fulfill projects will be allocated on a competitive basis (up to $5,000)
  5. Once received, the project is carried out and a report submitted to KNSWB.

*Every group who carries out a Local Litter Check receives a $300 reimbursement

The program is a great opportunity not only to get rid of litter in your community but also to breathe some life into an unloved place and create great neighbourhood spaces. Funds from previous grants have been used to:

  • Build picnic infrastructure
  • Landscape gardens and bushland
  • Set up community care groups
  • Involve youth groups and schools in clean-up and maintenance
  • Install park equipment
  • + more!

The options are open and the grant is intended to furnish your community’s needs – so please get in touch to take advantage of this second opening to clean up litter and enhance your local space.

To take part, please register by 6 February 2015. Click here for the registration form

For further information please get in touch with Kellie Harrison at communitylittergrants@knswb.org.au or on (02) 8594 4099.


This project is a NSW EPA Waste Less, Recycle More initiative funded by the waste levy.

Click here to visit the NSW EPA website to discover more about their litter prevention programs.




2 Responses to “Second round of Community Litter Grants for 2014”

  1. January 09, 2015 at 4:53 pm, Cath Blakey said:

    The form has a closing date of August 2014. Is it the same form as last time?

    • February 03, 2015 at 3:49 pm, Keep NSW Beautiful said:

      Hi Cath, there will be a new form for this year’s round of grants. We’ll announce it and make the forms available here on the website, on our social media and in The Beaut’, but if you’d like to get in touch now you can always email Kellie at communitylittergrants@knswb.org.au.