Solving the wrapping paper problem

Wrapping paper.

It’s everywhere this time of year, and it can be a menace. Some rolls can’t be recycled and this costly paper just ends up going right to landfill. That’s not really in the holiday spirit!

Below we’ve pulled together a list of alternatives that won’t place any strain on our planet and its natural resources.

Put it in a gift box

This vehicle for a thoughtful gift is also thoughtful – it can be used or re-gifted so easily by your giftee, and it’s not even messy!

Have a no-wrap Christmas

No one uses wrapping paper! The gifts are exchanged as-is. This might remove some of the suspense, but it’s immensely practical and great for your green conscience.

Seriously: brown paper bags

You might have a stash of these in a kitchen drawer, and they look chic when you cut out the sides and adorn them with a piece of ribbon, or a drawn-on motif.

Old maps, calendars, newspapers, magazines…

Anything graphic, anything eye-catching, anything collecting dust. Give it new meaning and give that gift an extra level of personality! Just keep it clean, neat, and not too busy-looking.


Tie it in a knot. Pin it. Fold it. Tie it with more fabric! Scarves, scraps, pretty squares from a craft shop. This one is charming, and the recipient can re-use it in a number of ways.

Happy wrapping!






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