Sydney Water’s Anti-Graffiti Project Supports Local Artist

Sydney Water, our Program Partner for the Sustainable Cities Awards and sponsor of the Sustainable Water Award in Clean Beaches, are actively involved in their own sustainability program, Liveable Cities.

They recently undertook a joint project with Marrickville Council to solve a graffiti problem.

Graffiti is one of the factors that contributes to litter in an area, giving a location a derelict look and feel and reducing pride in the area. Fixing graffiti is one of the things we recommend in our Community Litter Grants Program to alter the litter-
attracting qualities of a place.

Sydney Water and Marrickville Council have collaborated with renowned street artist Sid Tapia to reduce the graffiti problem in the area and contribute to the local community.

Tapia has created a modern art piece on a 75 square metre section of building adjacent to Sydney Water’s stormwater channel in Sydenham – enhancing the urban environment and helping reduce the impact of graffiti.

“Sydney Water is working closely with a number of councils on a wide range of initiatives, particularly through our Liveable Cities program, to improve urban amenity and enhance local environments and communities,” said Sally Armstrong, Manager, People and Places, Sydney Water.

“The work we are supporting with Marrickville Council and Sid Tapia brings an innovative solution to the real problem of graffiti on Sydney Water assets. This collaboration will help prevent future graffiti in the area, and also significantly reduces the future cost of removing graffiti.”

Marrickville Mayor Jo Haylen said the collaboration with Sydney Water is a good fit with Marrickville Council.

“Council takes a creative and innovative approach to tackling problem tagging,” she said.

“Our programs encourage street art and we want to see more murals like this one. They make our community vibrant and we know they discourage tagging. It’s also about inspiring local young people to experience new artistic practices and giving them tools for self expression,” she said.

“We particularly want to discourage our young people from tagging in dangerous places like around train lines,” Mayor Haylen said.

Check out the Before and After photos below.

Sydney Water before

Sydney Water after

2 Responses to “Sydney Water’s Anti-Graffiti Project Supports Local Artist”

  1. July 23, 2014 at 4:58 pm, Margaret Wilkinson said:

    How much did it cost? Would love to see this same area in a couple of years time! Will you be publishing that picture as well? To each his own about this. I think it’s absolutely awful!

    • July 30, 2014 at 12:32 pm, Sydney Water said:

      Hi there
      The cost of producing this art was just a quarter of what we pay for graffiti removal on an annual basis. We’ll be working with the local council to ensure the art is maintained and always looking its best.