This New Year’s Eve, Inspire a Clean Sydney

Meet the garbos behind the clean-up.

On New Year’s Eve our 4-million strong population, plus visitors who’ve come to see our spectacular NYE fireworks, are responsible for creating 58,000kg of rubbish in just one night.

NYE ambassador Jack Thompson introduces the cleansing squad – these are the people who keep our city clean, and ensure that close to 90% of the rubbish generated on NYE is recycled.

This year, help them our and inspire a clean Sydney by binning your rubbish.


One Response to “This New Year’s Eve, Inspire a Clean Sydney”

  1. December 31, 2014 at 7:40 pm, Jo Mulholland (Ozcloggie) said:

    I SO WISH the best of good fortune and and progress on this endeavour, whatever form it takes in 2015!!!!!!!!
    It’s SUCH a GOOD cause!!!

    Jo Mulholland