This weekend: pick up litter and use it to buy stuff (seriously!) in Bondi

At Keep NSW Beautiful, we believe strongly in helping communities to tackle the littering issue in their own areas in their own way, and with our Community Litter Grants Program (run in association with the NSW EPA and funded by the Waste Levy), we get to see the most inspiring, imaginative, and effective anti-littering projects take place. We knew you’d be interested in this one, too!

On Saturday 14th January, Bondi Beach will turn all picked up litter into its own kind of cash, to be used at the Seaside Scavenge: you can do good and get a treat!

From 9am – 1pm the cleanup will take place, and participants will be rewarded for every 10 pieces they collect with a token used as the currency in the market.

As part of Waverly Councils Summerama, there will be live musicians performing, a sweep of local prizes to be won, a number of talks from active local active groups such as Responsible Runners, as well as free upcycling workshops to attend.

Seaside Scavenge is an innovative and creative way to draw public attention to litter to overall reduce it’s concentration in waterways and ultimately the ocean.  It has grown from a community initiative at Coogee Beach, Sydney to gain not-for-profit status.

Since March 2015 fourteen Seaside Scavenge events have taken place across NSW and QLD attracting over 800 people. In total 1834.56kg of litter has been collected, saved 36,568 cigarette butts from entering waterways and redistributed over 1,982.78kg of second-hand goods. The data collected contributes to the Australia-wide Tangaroa Blue’s Marine Debris Database.

“SeasideScavenge is not only about opening peoples eyes to waterway pollution and providing an outlet to tackle the problem together. But it is also about encouraging people to cut-back on their single-use consumption,” says Founder, Anna Jane Linke.

“Most people give their unwanted goods to charity, but unfortunately 85% of this ends up in landfill. By organising our own clothes swaps we’re showing people that second-hand stuff has a real value, and that we can keep our footprint down too.”

Seaside Scavenge will collaborate with a number of local cafés including Alice & Gertrude, Orchard, Cami Kitchen, Sadhana and Café North on the day. They have each pledged to go ‘plastic-free’ on the 14th January. This means going ‘topless’ on coffees (lidless), not offering straws, plastic bags or other single-use items.

The Keep NSW Beautiful Community Litter Grants program supports community groups in tackling the littering problems in local public spaces. Groups count the litter in their area (this will happen on the day at Bondi) and can then apply for funding to address the problems found in that litter check.

For more information about the Seaside Scavenge event, click here.

For more information about Community Litter Grants, click here.

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