Volunteers Needed for Take the Pledge!

Take the Pledge is our campaign against litter on New South Wales beaches this summer.

Our goal is to engage as many people as possible through the act of pledging to  “keep New South Wales Beautiful by not littering”… and we need your help!

Anyone can Pledge online, at www.takethepledge.com.au, but we’ll be boosting our pledges and getting the message out in the public forum with a NSW-wide event on Saturday 1 November. This is where you come in!

Our volunteers will be gathering on this Day at their local beaches to collect pledges from visitors, locals and tourists. Get a bunch of friends together or take the opportunity to meet new people, and head down to your local Surf Lifesaving Club to join in by spending a couple of hours helping keep your beach beautiful.

What does volunteering involve?

  • Just two hours of your time on Saturday 1 November
  • Choose one of three time slots: 10am-12pm, 12pm-2pm or 2pm-4pm
  • When you arrive at your designated time slot you’ll be given a Take the Pledge t-shirt, clipboard, pen, and pledge sheet
  • Your goal is to get just ten pledges. Any more than that is an appreciated bonus!
  • Once you’re two-hour shift is up, return the pledges you received to your Surf Lifesaving Club (or team leader, if your beach doesn’t have a club)
  • Spend the rest of the day enjoying the beach, knowing that you’ve helped to keep it clean!

To volunteer now, go to www.takethepledge.com.au

See you on the beach on Saturday 1 November!

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