We need to talk about wine corks

This is a post about wine corks, but it is not a post about how to un-cork a bottle of champers! (If that’s what you’re looking for, head over here).

We need to do better at recycling wine corks

Instead, this a post about the cork itself. Wine corks are recyclable, and not enough of us are tossing them in the right bins after we’ve toasted to our health and success.

Wine corks can be used to manufacture scores of other products (not just more wine corks) – like shoes, surfboards, mats and backpacks. They’re an important resource and shouldn’t be in the bin!

According to the Green Living Centre in Newtown, it takes 34 years for a cork tree to produce its first wine cork. Less than 5% of the cork that we find keeping our wine safe is not recycled. This is a stat that we can, and should, improve.

How to recycle cork

Don’t just throw it in your recycle bin! Cork needs to be dropped off at a designated location or picked up by a designated group. Find a place or group near you!

If you’re a business who wants to start recycling cork, this website will help you out.

Speak to your local Girl Guides! They run cork recycling operations, too.

One Response to “We need to talk about wine corks”

  1. October 06, 2016 at 9:29 pm, Chris Daley said:

    Hawkesbury City Council has a drop off area in their administration building which includes corks, batteries CD’s and DVD’s